About the Author 

I am a graduate living in North East England. I was born in Northallerton, but have lived for most of my life in Darlington. I first developed my passion for creative writing when I was 14 years old, and had a strong imagination as a child. My first piece of writing was based on a school assignment, with the plot of “a minute to kill”and the protagonist based on Pokemon’s Sabrina. Ever since I previously self published a novel with Amazon Direct Publishing (which is now gone), I have been motivated to fulfill my dreams of being a well established author.

I studied English Studies with Creative Writing at Teesside university. I graduated in November 2015, and even met the daughter of local Stockton writer Pat Barker. It was there that I learned many useful techniques, from keeping a writing journal, drafting my work, gaining feedback on pieces and visiting art galleries and museums. Since the study of my modules, I am particularly fond of transformative writing, the power to take a source text, and reinterpret it.

My last job was working as a research analyst for a Management Consultant Agency, who specialise in Business & Innovation. Since I was made redundant, I have spent more time blogging here. I have rekindled my passion for teenage dark fantasy fiction, so I have begun a new book, and will try to make a profit out of it. I’m also currently in between employment agencies and a side project I have as an entrepreneur- so there’s plenty going on. 

In my spare time,alongside blogging and writing, I visit heritage sites, read, take nature photography and even bake a little. I’ve also spent the summer playing Pokemon Go, and am part of their online community.