Is Star Wars actually about Arabic culture? 

Okay, so this definitely does not apply to all of the franchise in every way. I personally see Luke sky walker as a bit of an Aladdin figure; with his estranged father and no mother. He is a poor boy who find out he has a royal heritage. Some might say Hercules zero to hero. Some people say Lord of the Rings is about a medieval Christian society. So, I am going to suggest that Star Wars is like Arabic society. 

The setting of bazaars and a hot climate 

In the home town of a protagonist, it feels very much like Agbrabar. People gamble and drink in this culture, whilst living in mud and straw huts. The citizens need weapons to defend themselves from droids and storm troopers. There are stall owners bartering with customers. Stalls outside are usually seen in Arabic environments where people buy hookah pipes, jewels and junk while a turbaned man tells you a sales pitch. Pod racing has replaced camel racing, but the vehicles are the only sign of futuristic technology. 

The light sabers replace swords, for sure, and there are robots instead of genies. But with deserts and hot suns, the environment seems very Arabic. Some of the locations shot for the film’s include Abu Dhabi and Tunisia. Tattooine is even named after Tataouine, the Tunisian city. I am aware there is a lot of setting in forests and outer space as well as desert.

Dress: head dresses and long robes 

And let’s not forget Jabba the hut with his harem belly dancing Princess Leia’s chiffon and metal bikini looked like she was an Arabian slave. Everyone from visitors on the streets to Queen Padme Amidala’s handmaids have hoods covering their faces. The headdresses  could just be to protect their identity, and so they remain mysterious. However, since these robes are often worn in public, it could also be a sign of chastity like hijab. Look at what the handmaids do; they are part of a secret circle protecting their queen whilst being palace servants. Tasks such as escorting the queen, tending to  hair styles and outfits, and interpreting. 

I mean, Padme is like the Queen of Sheba herself. Cosplayers in the Arab world are even employing hijab to celebrate Star Wars day, which I find interesting. It’s a slight stretch but the Arab influence is quite something. 

The class system 

Like in the Middle East, there is a mix of Royal Imperialism in better, richer areas. And there is a political, evil dictator who waged war in innocents. The class divide runs quite deep in the world of Star Wars: holographic machines and droids are more commonplace than food and housing. There are also a few refugees trying to escape a corrupt government – it sounds a bit Syrian to me. When I went travelling in Egypt, people lived in Stone Age woven huts with open fires as a tribal, primitive way of life. Meanwhile, in Qatar, Dubai and Bahrain, rich emirati socialites and royals live in high tech. And it’s the same in Star Wars;  Annakin’s mother is a domestic slave and Padme is a queen in a palace. 

Jedi as part of pre-Islamic Jainism? 

The evil empire as dictatorship and Jihadism is a plausible connection. And Jedis represent a spirituality found in Indian , Thai or pre Islamic religions such as Buddhism and Jainism. Jedi is actually an origin of the word Al-Jeddi, which means mystical warrior in Arabic. Coincidence? I think not. 

Overall conclusion: Star Wars is probably not an Arabian conspiracy theory about ISIS. 


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