Month: November 2016

Is life long friendship a myth? 

We all know countless films which depict best friends; it’s quite often that they either meet in school or as babies, or have grown old together. Even though I’m only 23, this is a feeling I have never known – in any relationship. Whether romantic or platonic, any relationship I have seems doomed with a shelf life. There’s only one type of character like this in fiction; the Scrooge type, who takes everyone for granted and is ungrateful for no reason (great). In my case, it’s the crazy cat Lady with no husband or kids – which buzzfeed thankfully celebrates jokingly as a life choice. I honestly can’t think of a movie or book where the character hops from friendship to friendship. Here are a few films with lifelong “best friends”

  • Brother bear
  • Toy Story
  • The Harry Potter series

I can make friends easily, but I don’t keep them as easily. If I do, it’s because we are not that close and time has likely passed. Believe me, it’s not because nobody cares about me or I am taken advantage of. The reason friendship ends? It’s often my standards being prioritised over bonds; I can usually rationalise that it ended for the right reasons. If I tried hard enough, we’d probably still be talking. This doesn’t mean I’d be happier if I did, but the point still stands. Unfortunately, priorities make me sound like I can’t tolerate people’s flaws and just want everything perfect. I tend to take a highly precautious approach  when a relationship or friendship gets serious, because it’s surely a matter of time before the bliss ends. Friendships take work, and I know that.

This is how it goes:

1. I find a kindred spirit

2. Everything is mutually great

3. I change drastically, and so my circumstances. The friendship no longer suits me.

I am described far too often as always wanting better. From my viewpoint, I don’t see myself as ungrateful, just that time goes on and I am surrounded by people putting up with less than they deserve. And, knowing that I am too flimsy, perhaps me out of the picture is better for them. Their lives are always better once I leave anyway, whether that is to do with me or not. If you love someone, let them go kind of logic. Maybe I expect too much of the world and should be more grateful that I have friends at all.

People can accept that marriage isn’t always forever, so why can’t we do the same with friendships?  Is a lifelong bond setting the bar a bit too high for expectations? Or do I have no point?

So guys, tell me: am I just a lone case, or is there someone out there who has a similar experience?


Halloween special edition: killer clowns

It’s October, Halloween is nearly here. The nightclubs are promoting fancy dress events, Sainsbury’s has Halloween food recipes, Hot Topic starts selling Harley Quinn costumes, and there are gothic/spooky movies coming out in the cinemas. Unfortunately, there are also killer clowns on the loose in the UK as well. The last thing anyone wants is a real-life creepy crime scene on Halloween, as nobody can tell the difference between people in costumes trick or treating, and disguised killers.  The fear of clowns is pretty pervasive, but it’s only recently that clown costumes have become an actual threat. These teenage boys seem pretty confused about what’s funny and what’s just psychopathic. Is the horror movie industry to blame? Try typing in “clowns in horror movies”, and the results go crazy. As a belated Halloween special, today’s topic is about serial killer clowns.


One of the original clown miniseries which inspires gruesome thoughts! The movie is based on Stephen King’s horror novel, and was released in 1990. It is an alien who can transform into any the victim’s worst fears. The creepy clown has red hair and whitewashed skin, with a male appearance. In 2017, It will be remade into a film.

2. Amusement

With a circus setting, Amusement takes a dark carnivalesque turn. The three narrative viewpoints of Tabitha, Lisa and Shelby indicate the mystery of the murders. Perhaps more cliche with TV Tropes such as the Creepy Doll, Amusement is less memorable as a horror film.

3. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Another nod to King, Killer Clowns follows intergalactic space clowns who invade the earth. As a dark comedy, it’s reminiscent of Russell T. Davies’ style in Doctor Who with the Robot Clowns.

4. 100 Tears

Regarded as a cult classic, this Indie slasher film is about a clown who was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit. After its success, the film is regarded as an urban legend. After being in a circus, Gurdy the clown locks his victims in a warehouse, and they must fight for survival. Taking a cue from the Saw series, 100 Tears is a film where a man with a dark past abducts his victims.

5. Stitches

Stitches is a psychological horror about a children’s entertainer returning from the dead for revenge. Perhaps a dark pun on the phrase “in stitches”, Stitches is the underdog to be laughed at. Telling the sad story of every performer’s worst nightmare, Stitches the clown is bullied. He rises from his grave due to an occult clown group, and goes on a killing spree. By playing on 80’s slasher films, the film was a box office success.

Can you think of any classic clown horror movies? Comment below!