Ten things I’m tired of telling people and hearing as an Autistic person

This doesn’t have anything to do with fiction, I know. I don’t ever discuss my personal life on here, but today is different. Today I went to go and see an employment agency named Remploy. Over the last 15 months, I have spoken to more agencies than I can count: 


-Shaw Trust 

-Teesside uni careers 

-Job Centre Plus 

-Darlington Association on Disability 

-Safe in Tees Valley 

Yep, I’m a bit of a penniless author over here. All of these charities and careers services have told me I’m too smart, too nice, too well educated and too advanced to be there. They also want to tell me about their friends and family with autism. Why on earth do you think I should care? You’re not asking me for advice and you don’t seem interested in me at all. 

1. I don’t care about your brother who can build robots! 

Okay, this is definitely the thing I hate most. IDGAF if your cousin can build computers, if they how like a wolf on a balcony or if your son cannot speak and uses sign language. 

2. I don’t want to tell you I have crippling anxiety 

This is why I cancelled our meeting today, some days I don’t want to leave the house due to stress. 

3. I don’t like being told I don’t fit in on Facebook 

You guys are fake anyway, who on earth posts a sappy breakup post and gets love hearts in their inbox?! 

4. I don’t want to be an author savant 

I write because I enjoy it. I don’t blog because I have an obsession about books. I blog because I want to make a change in  how  people think. 

5. I’m actually not undateable

I am single by choice and proud. Men are attracted to me, but I have the power of choice. I can casually date and not feel the need to make babies. 

6. No, I CANNOT sing like SuBo! 

I have no special talents, I am not a unique snowflake. In fact, even this blog is not special. There’s no news article about me, no ebooks, no awards. It’s a hobby, and people read my opinions once every 3 months (because I rarely upload on here). 

7. And no, I won’t date your crazy Aspie friend!! 

GO AWAY, you are not a match maker! What, do you think you are POF in real life?  I want someone who I choose thank you very much. I want a well adjusted individual; don’t palm your friend off to me because he’s the consolation prize. 

8. I don’t need help making friends 

I have friends, and they like me for me. I have nights out, I go shopping, I go to the gym sometimes. PEOPLE ENJOY THEMSELVES AROUND ME. In fact, my friends bitch to me about how annoying their friend who is more disabled than me is. 

9. I don’t want to be told “wow, you’re so normal!” 

I know you probably didn’t know I had autism, it’s not visible like a wheelchair. Thanks for noticing me. I didn’t realise I needed a special award for basic stuff. Nobody will give me a Grammy for tying my shoelaces, you know. Get over it. 

10. “But autistic people find English hard and maths easy because they are too logical and can’t understand metaphors or how to communicate” 

BOI, STFU before I stick my pen in your eye! I cannot do maths, language is my forte. Yes I defy doctors but I don’t care. 

People know me as many things: writer, blogger, fashionista, Buddhist, great cook, goth girl, bookworm. But I don’t let anyone see me as disabled; my condition doesn’t define me. We should all try and challenge a stereotype every  single day. 

Do you have a similar condition and can relate to any of this? Please write in and share this post. 



  1. What a brilliant post. I am a professional creative, award winner and judge. Avid reader and published author . I still struggle with finding my own voice. The hardest thing is to start in the middle of the page. To find realism and authenticity not on demand. So bravo. You made it, you made me think. You made it into that golden fleece media space : my mind. And after all that, as you requested to comment: I’ve been challenged by bipolar for the last few years. In my 40s now, I don’t know what it means, so don’t expect others mates or doctors to get it. But its made me smarter. Never apologise, never explain – as a writer give people the dots to connect. Love your work. Find the reasons to have what you want on life , not why you haven’t. Bon chance


    1. Thank you Jon, sorry for the late reply (I normally publish stuff on my Mac). It means a lot that I get nice comments like yours, never in a million years did I see myself where I am now. And this site has progressed lots too. I put just proves mind over matter conquers and that you can achieve anything. I wish you the very best in life, and hope you get all you deserve 😊


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