Discover Challenge: Writerspiration of the week

I’m going to participate in a Daily Prompt I saw originally on Participating in Prompts and Challenges. The author who has inspired me this week is Stephen King, and I’ve been reading his novel Carrie online. I really like his teenage protagonist, Carrie, even though it’s not a teen fiction book. However, this has inspired me to write a piece of teen dark fantasy fiction after reading his novel. The scene where the protagonist starts menstruating is quite bold and dynamic, yet Carrie’s isolation provides a sense of dissonance for the audience.

Since adolescence is often a traumatic time before a budding individual begins to bloom, the main theme of my project will be about catalyst events which shape us into the person we become. Since it’s my first time reading a Stephen King novel, I’m quite excited to see how the plot unfolds as a reader, but also understand what makes Stephen King tick as a writer. You can expect the occasional update on how I’m finding the book, but this will be an exciting new experience.

Which author inspires you the most? Comment and share!



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