Web mania 


Combining memes with traditional comic books, webcomics are images which illustrate humorous topics in short panels. Whilst traditional graphic novels, comics and and manga are surely kept alive – albeit either help of ebooks – webcomics are easy. Cyanide & Happiness, The Awkward Yeti and Cheer up Emo Kid are just a few artists who are trying the movement.

Webseries: Netflix and YouTube 


The Annoying Orange originally started as a series of mini clips on YouTube in 2009. Because talking fruit with human faces was rare, it was intriguing (which also made the scenes fairly easy to animate). The orange in question was more of a recurring character rather than a central one, because there was no plot. The basic story shops originally set out with videos around a minute and a half with Orange trolling a new fruit or vegetable, before they were cut up in a mock horror movie ending.

Over time, as DaneBo gained more popularity and views, the Annoying Orange gradually expanded with more characters who originally had cameo appearances. In turn, the characters orange met were not just fruit a veg, but other foods too – sometimes even objects like footballs and iPhones. There were even special spoof episodes of Mario, PacMan and Saw.

Eventually, Cartoon Network snapped up The Annoying Orange, and made it into actual TV show. The cast of  characters include Grapefruit, Passionfruit, little apple, marshmallow and Pear.

Twitter: Six words story

This trending movement  involves quote pictures and tweets telling the shortest story possible, in just six words. The short sentences often pack a mighty punch, and can sometimes have a depressing tone. Sometimes, in the comments section of a social media post, commenters write their short replies in response to either a post which says “you’re driving along in the back of a cop car. You turn to your best friend and say….” or to another commenter.

What do you think of the new web medium, has it killed the book? Or is the book dead because it’s old fashioned?



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