Carey Mulligan and Eddie Redmayne as actors 

These are two very talented, but not particularly well known, actors. Both Mulligan and Redmayne tend to star in either critically acclaimed or memoir genre films. These actors are in the middle of indie, art cinema and mainstream  movies. Whilst the BBC tries to bridge the gap between serious and pop culture films, there are a few actors which run a fine line – Naomi Watts could be a prime example of how surreal cinema and the mainstream collide in Mullholland Drive. 


First gaining popularity in biographical romantic drama The Theory of Everything, Redmayne  played Stephen Hawking during his early life as a PhD student and young professor. Later, he played Lili in The Danish Girl, another biographical film about the first transsexual woman. Both these films have similar proponents with their themes about complex romantic relationships, and true stories. Having won a BAFTA, Golden Globe and an Oscar, two of which for Best Actor, Redmayne’s charming, posh persona has led him to be a rising star. In future, Redmayne will star in more mainstream movies, but still retaining his eccentric image. 


In films such as An Education and Never Let Me Go, Mulligan is typically cast as a teenage schoolgirl due to her youthful appearance. Her reputation as an actor in critically acclaimed films has meant that she has not appeared in any blockbusters. Her initial choice to remain in independent cinema has meant that she perhaps sees film as an art, rather than as commercial product. In Never Let Me Go, her appearance in a novel adaptation set the stage for The Great Gatsby 2013, with a more famous cast, but still under a high  profile industry with Baz Luhrman’s dramatic style. 

What do you think, are Redmayne and Mulligan more serious actors? Or do they just choose unique film genres? Tell me in the comments below! 


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