What’s up with superhero movies?

Superheroes have been popular since the first superhero, Superman, appeared in comic books in 1933. Metahumans been popular since Ancient Greece, with gods such as Heracles/Hercules popular in myths and legends. Since the digital age, we have a new breed of superhumans; either the genetically modified human 2.0 as seen in Divergent or transhumans/cyborgs such as Robocop. Let’s examine a few of the most recent releases.

1. X-men Apocalypse

Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Sophie Turner, X-men apocalypse brings the mutants fighting Armageddon against Ancient Egyptian pharaoh mutant En Sabah Nur. With a terrific cast of actors forming the X-men in an action packed movie of mutants saving the world. Seeing the binaries between good and evil makes a refreshing change from the typical Marxist stance that mutants are second class, oppressed citizens.

2. Marvel’s Thor

One of the many comic book threads to merge gods with superheroes and alien life forms, Thor’s golden locks look like they’ve come out of a L’oreal advert. The antagonist, Loki, has proven to be infinitely more popular than Thor, and follows the British villain trope.

3. Suicide Squad

Instead of a team of superheroes, we have a gang of supervillians fighting the  alien Aztec god Enchantress trying to rule planet Earth. With Harley Quinn  getting the most attention  of the bunch, her fairly recent relationship with Poison Ivy has highlighted the key differences between Harley in the comics and Harley on screen, particularly her relationship with The Joker.

4. Deadpool

Dubbed as the anti-spiderman, Deadpool follows Wade Wilson – a man who follows a revenge plot to kill the man who ruined his life. The film briefly spans Deadpool’s journey on becoming a superhuman with regeneration (or “accelerated healing factor”, as the comics call it), to cure his cancer. Because of this, he’s effectively immortal in a similar way that Doctor Who is, and as a result he became an assassin  and mercenary. Oh, and he’s aware he’s comic book character, a trait he uses to get the upper hand of his opponents.

5. Supergirl

The popular TV series follows super girl in 21st century New York and her double life. Not unlike the 1990’s series Smallville, Supergirl follows journalist Cara as she tries to live up to her cousin’s image.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

Intergalactic space criminals with special abilities join forces to become superheroes defending Earth from outer space. Groot, the sentient tree, won the hearts of the viewers by defending his team with his roots. There’s supposed to be an upcoming sequel due to the success of the film, which will probably dig deeper into .

7. Ant Man

A criminal mind becomes a professional thief performing heists in a suit that allows him to be a tiny super soldier. Plus, he can communicate with real ants and make them his minions. Instead of being a crook struggling to find work, despite his Master’s in Electrical  Engineering, Scott can put his stealth to good use.

8. Watchmen

A lesser-known neo noir superhero film, Watchmen focuses on the investigation of a fellow superhero. Set in 1985 during the Cold War, many of the characters are ex-superheroes due to the events which happened around them. Considering The Comedian is a rapist and killer, and Laurie’s complex family history with him, the film is pretty dark. Silk Spectre’s outfit is very eroticised as well; with skin tight latex, thigh high boots, and only covering her crotch to reveal her legs and butt.

9. The green lantern 

Like Thor, the Green lantern is a superhero who uses a power ring fuelled by his determination  and imagination. The green lantern belongs to intergalactic military and police force called Green Lantern Corps, controlled by the Guardians. The movie is quite symbolic, since Parallax wanted control the yellow essence of fear, whereas the green essence symbolises willpower. A green lantern can control and conjure constructs telekinetically. 

10. Green Arrow

Often dressed similar to  Robin Hood, the Green Arrow is an archer who defends Seattle. The Green Arrow has a few similarities to Marvel’s Hawkeye, but is more of a side character than a main one. He has yet to appear in any live action media, but made a noteable appearance in Justice League: New Frontier. Some may suggest that the Green Arrow is better than Hawkeye because Hawkeye is more of a solo character. 





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