How to keep a Pokemon Go diary

Ever since Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, there has been a log of activities in the game. But, what if you wanted to create an actual journal, telling your story as a trainer? There are two styles you could use, one being purely objective and descriptive, the other being more vibrant and personal.

Objective style:

11th August, 2016:

I joined the game and met Professor Willow. I caught Charmander, my starter pokemon, and Caterpie using a lure.

15th August, 2016:

Joined Team Mystic, and found the Team Mystic Facebook group for San Antonio. Overtook 3 Team Valor gyms and 1 Team Instinct gym.

As you can see, this journal logs the highlights of a trainer’s day. This approach works well if you’re most interested in the progress you’ve made as a trainer. Below is the more personalised approach with three different scenarios:

17th July, 2016:

My FitBit told me I’d walked 15km and nearly 20,000 steps today whilst on my Pokewalk. I’ve lost 3lbs already in the past fortnight, and want to lose another 5lbs by the end of the month. It felt so satisfying seeing my silver medal from Pokemon, I want to get fitter again.

4th August, 2016:

I made our Costa branch was made into a pokestop today, which attracted dozens more customers to the shop. Sales have increased by 20% over the last month, and there’s a slate chalkboard welcoming customers inside to access the WiFi. Sometimes, a staff member event plants lures so clients stay for longer. My manager brought up the success in the last meeting, and said she wants to draw more publicity from Pokemon Go.

19th August, 2016:

I’ve joined the Pokemon Go Melbourne group on Facebook, and made 3 new friends at the first pPokemeet already! We go out regularly to hunt Pokemon and send screenshots of what we’ve caught or hatched. I’ve even got a girlfriend from chatting by a Pokestop too, and now we regularly go out walking to take down gyms. I just need to ensure the game doesn’t make me put off my college assignments and do the chores – dad keeps yelling at me for not washing the dishes! Who knew Pokemon Go could do wonders for my social life?

The second examples could easily be documented on social media blogs such as Twitter or Instagram, and Pokemon Go improving business could easily be a LinkedIn article. Whereas the first format could simply be an excerpt from the game’s log of events.

The main difference between the examples is that Pokemon helps to achieve personal goals, and is not limited to in-game achievements. By giving a brief back story to the player’s life and incorporating emotive language, the trainer transforms from being a digital avatar, to a real character with ambitions and desires.

About the game’s unique platform:

The game adds a fourth layer of identity that merges the digital world with the physical due to the game’s unique platform. Due to the augmented reality graphics features, combined with a virtual character coordinated inside a digital maps environment, Pokemon Go is the closest any fan could get to playing real Pokemon. It’s main appeal is the emphasis of catching Pokemon in the wild. The next generation of pokemon reduces  emphasis on a storyline to get from point Aa to B, as previous games required users to complete certain tasks to advance e.g. defeat a rival, earn a gym badge or battle team rocket. Furthermore, the Pokemon caught have stats which resemble those of the Pokeathlete by removing the need for Pokemon to level up, learn new moves and evolve with  battling.


What do you use Pokemon Go for, and do you keep a  Pokemon journal? Comment below!



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