The sense of self part 2: Controlling our own image 

1. Autobiography

Many celebrities and famous people use autobiographies to describe chapters of their lives, or reasons behind making a work. Some writers write autobiographical novels to document their lives. Instead of being left to the hands of a historian or journalist, we are in control of own stories and decide which parts are included and omitted.

3. Selfies

Perhaps one of the most divided, controversial topics is the advent of the selfie. Kim Kardashian published a book devoted to her selfies, and they are all over social media. Instead of a professional prom photo shoot, we have selfies taken by the school leavers at their party. Consider it, the artist’s painting of him or herself, only perhaps less professionally.

3. Instagram

Instagram is for the artsy, creative types. Entrepreneurs, bloggers, fashion addicts or those who just live their smartphones. It’s also great for those who have a particular interest, such as drawing, landscapes, food, animals, buildings or even fashion. Instagram is someone’s life in pictures; a collage of moments captured in a square frame. If one were to make a visual portfolio of their life, instagram might be the way to do it.

4. YouTube

Where everyone has their own channel in hopes of being internet famous. Some people gain fame by singing, dancing or videoing their pet. Others either do tutorials, or just providing a funny commentary on something. If nothing else, you comment on a video to be noticed. Vloggers on YouTube are on a par with having their own TV show, with their own channel that people subscribe to.

5. Facebook

Facebook is like having a personal newspaper; posts are main headlines, the commenters are the readers, life events show a timeline, and recent activity is the paparazzi. Not quite as extreme as having your own TV show, Facebook thrives off achievements – whether that’s having a baby, publishing a book, graduating, attending prom or even featuring in the news. Most ‘news’ on facebook is meant to be fairly official.
6. Twitter

Ever had a diary at age 13? Imagine that diary being published, two sentences at a time. Twitter is much more informal than Facebook, so sharing funny links, thinking aloud, or just being goofy, is generally more “accepted”. Instead of advertising you as “the best”, Twitter instead brands your personality.

7. Snapchat

The only place where one can get away with just about anything, thanks to the self-destruct feature. Snapchat is similar to instagram, in that it captures moments in pictures. However, pictures have to be taken from inside the camera app. Whereas other social media sites allow the upload of other images, such as sources from the internet. Usually conveyed to illustrate funny or quirky  moments in “what I’m doing”.


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