The sense of self part 1: traditional representation 

the ego is the window to subjective reality. It is considered by many to be the only way we can experience reality. The subject of religion, TV, literature, philosophy, and so on, we have been through many phases of reality. Here,Mae will talk about what it means to have a sense of identity: 

1. Diaries 

Ah yes, the books of our teenage dreams (and, for writers, the keys to doors of their imaginations). Holding everything from our most intimate thoughts and crushes, to our secrets, fears, and casual doodles, diaries serve as a time capsule for our youth. As we get older, diaries tend to be shed for journals and logs, mainly used for work or other personal reasons like finance. 

2. Biographies 

Biographies are a factual, objective account, chronologiesing a person’s life using a timeline and chapters. They ate the equivalent of having a Wikipedia or Encylopaedia Britannica page. (More on those in point 5). From famous poets like Shakespeare to Einstein, we can gather information about people who lived before us. Unfortunately, because time machines don’t exist, the biographies are only speculative and might not be accurate if they are old. 

3. Photography 

Ah yes, family portraits, school yearbooks or even private photo shoots, these show a public profile to someone’s life. From punk phases and being a sister, to your expressions, photos are a window to how the world views you. 

4. Portraits 

A painted portrait is another way of guessing what someone looked like – especially in the days before photos. If someone has their portrait painted, the would most likely be of high importance (such as royalty or parliament). Sketches and drawings could also count, even if they are less formal. 


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