Queer theory part two: Questions of Sexuality 

Okay, as we discussed in Part One, we have different gender and sexual identities. Now we are going to make a case for each one. 

DISCLAIMER: It’s just a theory, so please don’t try and tell me I am “wrong”. I don’t care what the creators have to say, I have an opinion too.  Any blogger here can say whether they agree or not, but nobody is right or wrong. You have problem? Don’t read my blog. 

Gay men: Edward the II 

Edward II is meant to based upon the real king, and Marlowe writes about the the relationship the King and Gaveston. Marlowe was rumoured to be gay himself, and the two men are meant to be gay. 

Lesbian ladies: Carmilla in Carmilla:

Carmilla is a red blooded lesbian, who wants Laura, the protagonist . Carmilla is seen as both a sexual and gothic predator for Laura, who is scared by her unstable mood and intense feelings. Her lustful nature is probably Victorian attitudes to vampires – particularly female ones – and unmarried women. 

Bisexuality: Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon and Loki

Sailor Neptune has a closeted relationship with Sailor Jupiter; only in the original Japanese animation are they a couple. The other western versions have decided to make the cousins, for some reason. What, is the idea of two ladies together repulsive to you? Sailor Jupiter is a typically butch girl, who occasionally dresses as a Tuxedo mask. 

Loki is a difficult case, because he does in fact kiss a man whilst in the body of a woman. Does this make him genderqueer, bisexual or  flexisexual? Loki doesn’t seem to have any binary categories, so a case for any of these labels could be made. Ah the God of Tricks, how appropriate that we should question you! Since Loki’s gender is male, him flirting  with men  could  make him bi. But because he only does soon on one occasion, which suggests that he could be hetereoflexible. 

Pansexuality: Jack Harkness

I’m going to say that Jack is Pansexual, not bisexual. This is because he flirts with robots, aliens and genderless beings. If he were bi, he  wouldn’t flirt with beings without a gender. He has often been characterised as bi by wikis. However, just because Jack does not have relationships with trans or intersection people doesn’t mean this isn’t plausible.  Unfortunately, his sexuality plays a massive part of his personality since he is considered a “flirt” and hypersexual. He retains a masculine appearance, combined with a camp personality. 

Fluid sexuality: Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Many people might be inclined to label Willow as a lesbian. However, because of her relationship with Oz, I’m going to argue that she is fluid. Whilst Willow doesn’t have another relationship with a man, she transitions from being straight to gay. She doesn’t remain fluid, but she has been before. Fluid means you have not always identified with one sexuality, not always that you will continue to go through phases. Many people would disagree with me on this, but it’s pretty tough to make a solid case either way. 

Gender Bending: Mulan in Mulan 

Now, gender bending does not necessarily mean cross dressing. It simply means defying conventional gender norms. Mulan doesn’t want to get married or live like a housewife. She seeks adventure, so poses as a man to join the army. Now Mulan, is a Gender Bender because of her non conforming gender role, but also a crossdresser for wearing men’s clothing. 


Cross dressing, gender bending and transvestism are related. Teansvestites attempt  to adopt the lifestyle of the opposite sex, cross dressers wear the clothing of the opposite sex. Pleakly from Lilo and Stitch is probably a transvestite, because he adopts more feminine behaviour and uses his female disguise as, well, a disguise (a more well-known  example might be Emily from Little Britain). 

Drag Queen:

Because of their stage persona, drag queens tend to be celebrities, such as Divine. Drag Queens are different to Transvestites in that Drag Queens are always stage performers, like singers or pantomime dames. whereas transvestites are attempting to pass off as normal people. 

Butch Girls: Lara Croft and Tank Girl? 

I refer to butch as a gender category. Not the  sexuality, and “butch lesbian” is meant as an informal term. So get off your fucking high horses and deal with this shit. The girls who are indeed very masculine are Tank Girl and Lara Croft.  “Tank Girl is a swearing, fighting, drunk girl with short hair. Often wearing army or skimpy clothes, she has a very masculine aura. Lara Croft, meanwhile, is straight and based on tank girl. She has a more  feminine appearance and is ladylike. However, she goes off on Indiana Jojes style adventures, uses weapons and knows martial arts, and is very intelligent. 

Homoeroticism: Iago and Othello

Now, homoeroticism doesn’t necessarily mean erotic behaviour between men. It simply means that men who have bromances/ close friendships or an all male section are fetished particularly through their actions or bodies. Tyler Dyrden and the narrator are one example; not only do they live in a hous together and meet up for a meal as a kind of “date”, their muscular bodies are viewed as erotic. Iago and Othello form a close friendship whilst Iago tries to deceive Othello that his wife is cheating on him. A particularly homoerotic moment is where Othello and Iago form a blood brothership – like a platonic marriage. 

Sherlock Holmes as asexual: 

The man who struggled to form attachments of any kind, Holmes has been labelled many things from sociopathic to autistic. However, i’m going to suggest that Holmes is a asexual, since he doesn’t have much interest in men or women. He could still have romantic attraction, but that’s something different here. In fact, he views romantic love as irrational and undesirable: he’s simply too logical. It could be that Holmes is a combination of sociopathic, asexual and autistic, but his lack of interest in anything but crime seems to add to his overall cold, emotionless demeanour. Holmes is quite an extreme example of a character who could be  asexual, and a better example might by SpongeBob, who is more lovable. SpongeBob has never been in love, but he certainly knows how to love (at least better than squidward). 

Belle from Beauty and the Beast as demisexual: 

Belle is our classic demisexual. She stands in complete contrast to Gaston, the handsome but arrogant and vain hunter, and the triplets who fawn over his manliness. Instead, Belle thinks nothing of looks and gradually falls for the Beast after getting to know him. It is only once she knows him that she finds herself glowing with love, grieving over him being supposedly dead and enchanted by dancing with him. 

Transgender:  The Passion of New Eve and Joss Moody in Trumpet

There are two characters in The Passion of New Eve that could be labelled transgender: Eve and Tristessa. Eve is transformed from a man into a woman as punishment for his misogyny. Tristessa is a movie star, who poses as a woman. Some might say that Eve is actually transsexual , whereas Tristessa is transgender. Another argument could be that Tristessa cross dresses, and that Eve’s forced gender reassignment makes her a man trapped in a woman’s body. 

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