A Journal Journey – 10 Benefits of an Academic Journal

Great for you creative writers out there 😉


Keeping some sort of diary or journal isn’t restricted to your personal thoughts on how a hot date was, what you think of the stupid trick played on you by your so-called mates, and how amazing that low-key gig was last night.  Just look at the range of output you get from all the blogs out there.

One powerful way to whip yourself into great study shape is to start writing an academic journal.  The process can be as quick as you like and the benefits far outweigh the time you need to spend on it.

photo by lusi

An academic journal doesn’t need to follow any particular structure, but you should take it seriously.  It only requires a few bullet points each day to show how you’re solving a problem, how you intend to find your voice, or what you’re doing to shape your future.  Feel free to write in whatever way…

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